IHANAI(イハナイ)/ イワモトハナエ




主な受賞歴:福岡広告協会賞金賞、HUGO BOSS “The Cube”優秀賞、JAGDAデザインワークアウト2017三木賞&オーディエンス賞、第9回雪のデザイン賞佳作 等


At the Graduate School of Musashino Art University, Tokyo, Japan, I had a chance to study at the University of Art and Design Helsinki, Finland, where I was able to get lots of inspiration to work as a designer.

I started my career as a graphic designer and web designer at a design office in Tokyo. Returning to my hometown Fukuoka, I worked as an art director in various fields such as graphic design, web design and commercial films for an advertising agency DENTSU Kyushu Inc.

After working as a designer at a retail and wholesale company of daily goods with Scandinavian design, I started my own brand IHANAI in 2016 as a freelance designer and illustrator.


Hanae Iwamoto: Illustrator, Graphic Designer

Living in Fukuoka City, Japan

Brand’s name: IHANAI



I HANA I(イハナイ)




デザインは、脳内でそれぞれの席に「 I 」として座ってみるシミュレーションを伴う創作だと、私は考えています。

伝える相手も「 I 」、受け取る相手も「 I 」。

二者の「 I 」に第三者の私「 HANA 」が介在することで、クライアントとエンドユーザーとの間に、視覚的な接点をつくることが、私の役割です。







IHANA means beautiful, pretty and cool in Finnish. My brand’s name IHANAI comes from the word in which the first “I” refers to a sender, namely a client, and the second “I” a receiver, an end user. I as HANA am sitting between the two I’s and my role is to create a bridge between them by visualizing what they have in mind. In my creative activities, I try to get inspiration from small but precious moments in our daily lives to convey gentleness, warmth and sincerity.

If you would like to visualize your images, contact me.

WORK CONTENTS: Illustration, Graphic Design, Character Design, Editorial Design, Art Direction, Branding & Concept Planning, Textile Design

LANGUAGES: Japanese & English