IHANAI – Hanae Iwamoto- Illustration Exhibition

Iwamoto Hanae Exhibition Poster 2017

In the traditional Japanese culture, people have been enjoying a moment of sharpening their senses in a quiet manner in such cultural activities as producing calligraphy artwork and trimming bonsai.  Through the process, they try to concentrate on feeling something by releasing all the worldly thoughts from their brain to reset their way of thinking.


Drawing profiles of girls is exactly the same process for me.  After drawing the motif of a girl’s profile, I propel a pen following my spontaneous inspiration without any sketches.  I just try to combine my feeling and the information accumulated in my mind, and stimuli from the outside world; then weave them to make some forms in the limited space of a piece of paper without any elaborate plans. I have drawn this type of illustration for over ten years almost as a daily routine.  I feel like being pushed by the urge to see another girl appearing from an infinite variety of them. 


An upcoming girl may reflect the atmosphere of the very moment we feel now subconsciously.  The attitude of accepting what is going on around us as it is, and keeping the balance between simplicity and intricacy as presented in my illustration might be a part of unique cultural traditions that the Japanese people all have in their mind.

IHANAI – Hanae Iwamoto-  Illustration Exhibition


I have been drawing a series of girls’ profiles with a black pen for over ten years. This is my first one-person exhibition in Fukuoka after the reception of HUGO BOSS Award in Tokyo in 2009.  The exhibition is just a small selection from hundreds of drawings of girls’ profiles series.

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“IHANAI -Iwamoto Hanae Illustration Exhibition-”
12:00〜19:00 Wednesday Close
103 RomaneskYakuin2 1-12-19 Yakuin, Chuo-ku, FUKUOKA, JAPAN
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When I started making profile illustrations of this type, my motif was just a girl’s profile and a decorative hair style. I drew my inspirations from the daily events around me.  As I continued doing this, I gradually came to add girls’ clothes as well. The illustrations I show you for this exhibition are just a small selection from my recent works of over 400 pieces of them.  I didn’t have any intention to show them to the public at first, but my friends and family encouraged me to hold an exhibition to have them seen by many people.  I would like to express my sincere gratitude for their support.

My special thanks go to SOMEWARE who kindly offered me an opportunity to exhibit my illustrations in their shop.



Born in Fukuoka City, Japan. 

Graduated from Musashino Art University in Tokyo. 

Exchange student from MAU to University of Art and Design Helsinki to learn designing.

Several years of Work experience in an design office as a designer and then in an advertisement agency as an art director.

Started IHANAI brand in 2016.



The illustrations exhibited here are all original works created from my inspiration. They are not based on any sketches from photos nor models.  Please refrain from reproducing the designs of clothes and hair styles drawn in my illustrations.  Such conducts are breach of my copyrights.  I would appreciate your understanding and cooperation.